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Baoying County Hongbo Electronic Ceramics Co., Ltd. 

Baoying Hongbo Electronic Ceramics Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Chinese Cultural city - Yangzhou, Jiangsu, electronic ceramics production base is located adjacent to majestic Yangtze River, near the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway crossing over the film "Liubao story "Er Meizi hometown - Liubao. 




Rich industry experience

Specializing in the production of pulse igniter, piezoelectric igniter; suitable for household

water heaters, gas appliances, outdoor gas

ovens and heaters and other series of

supporting products.

Strong Strength

The company has set up a branch company

in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province,

which is the frontier of national reform

and opening up.


Stable application of products

The birthplace of China's electronic ceramics,

the manufacturing center of China's ceramic

ignition electrodes and ceramic products


Professional after-sales service

We are willing to work with all businesses

and partners to create high quality and

beautiful products.




Suitable for household water heaters, gas appliances, outdoor gas ovens and heaters, etc.





The field of electronic ceramics continues to expand. The scale of the industry is growing.
In recent years, with the rapid development of downstream applications such as computers, electronic instruments, and household appliances, the scale of the electronic ceramic industry is growing. According to statistics, the global electronic ceramics market has increased from 130 billion yuan in 2011 to 210 billion yuan in 2015, with a compound annual growth rate of 14%.
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Focus: China's electronic ceramic industry development opportunities, challenges and future prospects
The new demand for innovation driven by "Made in China 2025". In order to realize the strategy of manufacturing a strong country, the State Council issued "Made in China 2025", and proposed to focus on the development of integrated circuits and equipment
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What is electronic ceramics? What is the use of electronic ceramics?
Electronic ceramics refers to ceramics that can utilize magnetic and electrical properties in the electronics industry. By precisely controlling the surface, grain boundaries, and dimensional structure, ceramics with new functions are obtained in household appliances, automobiles, energy, etc.
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