What is electronic ceramics? What are the uses of electronic ceramics



Electronic ceramics refers to the ceramics that can use magnetic and electrical properties in the electronic industry. Through the precise control of the surface, grain boundary, size and structure, it has obtained ceramics with new functions, which are widely used in household appliances, automobiles, energy and other aspects. It can also be used to make sintered materials of electronic functional components, most of which are mainly composed of oxides. The manufacturing process of electronic ceramics is similar to that of traditional ceramics.
Electronic ceramics are also known as ceramics for electronic industry. They are essentially different from general electric power ceramics in chemical composition, mechanical and electrical properties and microstructure. These differences are formed by a series of special technologies required by the electronic industry for electronic ceramics. Among them, it is important to have excellent mechanical strength, to withstand high humidity and high temperature, and to have strong radiation resistance. The dielectric constant can vary in an extremely wide range, the dielectric loss angle tangent value is small, the temperature coefficient of capacitance can be adjusted, the dielectric strength is high, the insulation resistance value is high, and the overall performance is extremely excellent.
In addition, electronic ceramics are also widely used in molten salt containers, bath baths of molten metal, packaging materials, integrated circuit boards, metal matrix composite reinforcements, electrolytic cell linings, active armor materials, heat sinks and heating elements of high-temperature furnaces because of their advantages of good thermal conductivity, low conductivity, small dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, good chemical stability, and high mechanical strength.

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