Can the ignition pin and flameout pin of the gas cooker be used universally



no The ignition needle is used for ignition, and is wrapped by non-conductive ceramics, revealing only the last small discharge spark. The flameout pin is a thermocouple, which will feel the temperature when firing, forming a current, and control the gas flow through the solenoid valve. The main difference between the two is that the shape and material are different. The ignition needle should be wrapped, the flameout needle should feel the temperature as much as possible, the ignition needle should conduct electricity well, and the flameout needle should feel the temperature to generate current. Suggested identification method: First of all, if there is only one ignition pin on the gas stove, it must be unqualified product, and you should not buy it. In addition, there are some gas stoves on the market that falsely claim to have flameout protection function. At first glance, this gas stove also has two needles on it, but one of them is just a decoration, and does not have automatic flameout protection function. In order to distinguish the true from the false, on-site tests can be carried out when purchasing. You can use water to extinguish the gas stove. If the gas stove cannot automatically cut off the gas within 60 seconds, it is unqualified.

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