How to replace the ignition needle of gas cooker



Pay attention to connect the line at this time. Finally, make an experiment to see if it can ignite. If it can, it means that it can be used normally. Sometimes the ignition needle just shows a little spot. We can remove it with rust remover, and then drop some lubricating oil. It is not necessary to replace it.
Precautions for use of gas stove igniter
1. Since the power battery of the igniter is installed inside the shell, install the battery before installing it on the cooker, and open the back cover when replacing the battery.
2. Because the output voltage of the igniter is high, when touching the button, your hands should not touch the discharge pin, so as not to touch the human body with elegant electricity. If you touch it unfortunately, your life will not be endangered.
3. The relative distance between the discharge ignition needle and the burner fire hole shall be appropriate and firm. If it is loose, it shall be adjusted in time to ensure its ignition success rate.

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