Is it dangerous to loose the ignition needle of the gas stove



Methods for testing the ignition needle of gas cooker:
The ignition needle of the gas stove is a metal needle fixed in a ceramic jacket, which has no electronic components. You can judge whether it is damaged by its appearance or use a multimeter to measure its on-off or resistance value;
Disassemble the gas cooker, take down the ignition needle and observe whether the metal at the tail and head of the ignition needle is dirty. The resistance from the head to the tail measured by the multimeter should be zero. If the resistance is too large, the surface is too dirty. At this time, polish or replace the ignition needle directly;
Observe whether there is crack or high voltage ignition ablation on the ceramic cylinder of the ignition needle jacket. If there is a local yellowing and ignition point, it indicates that the ceramic insulation performance is poor and can not be used any more, and it should be replaced. If there are cracks, replace the ignition pin with a new one in time;
Check whether the steel needle and ceramic of the ignition needle are loose or displaced, and if so, replace the ignition needle in time;
If the ignition pin and ignition wire are integrated, it is also necessary to measure whether the ignition wire and ignition pin are well connected and whether the resistance is close to zero ohm. If the resistance value is large, it indicates that there is contact resistance. The ignition pin and ignition wire must be reconnected to ensure good continuity.

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