Induction needle for atmospheric furnace (with belt thread)

There are three main possibilities for the ignition needle of the gas stove not discharging: 1. The battery is in low power, or simply out of power, and the battery is loose. 2. Switch mechanism failure. The circuit switch of the cooker is usually attached to the edge of the gas knob. The travel of the switch is very small, and the user cannot find it by hand when it cannot be bounced. 3. The pulse igniter of the gas cooker fails, including the short circuit discharge caused by the rupture of the discharge electrode and its insulating magnetic tube. What is the ignition principle of gas stove ignition needle? The ignition mode of gas stove is mainly divided into piezoelectric ceramic ignition and electric pulse ignition. Most modern gas stove igniters are pulse igniters. The pulse igniter is a pulse high-frequency oscillator composed of electronic components. The high-frequency voltage generated by the oscillator is raised to 15KV high voltage through the step-up transformer for tip discharge. The discharged spark ignites the gas on the gas stove. The igniter has high ignition rate and can discharge continuously. Press the knob, and the pulse igniter starts ignition; Release the knob, and the pulse will stop the ignition. How to judge whether the ignition needle is normal? The ignition pin is not easy to break. If the ignition pin does not discharge, it may be that the battery is dead or the pulse igniter is faulty, which is not necessarily the problem of the ignition pin. If the battery is replaced with a new one, it still does not ignite. It is recommended to go to the manufacturer's after-sales service for on-site inspection. How should the gas stove be maintained? The daily maintenance and cleaning of the gas stove is very important. Don't ignore it. If you don't pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance in ordinary days, it will not only affect the beauty of the stove, but also affect the service life of the machine. The cooked food will naturally lose its original taste and nutrition.

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