Export type (Sabav ignition needle, with thread)

The famous and hot gas stove tells you that the gas stove is too hot to start. Troubleshooting steps: 1. Observe whether the spark when the gas stove ignites is soft and weak, and the discharge frequency is obviously slower than before. If this is the case, our battery is low, and a new battery will solve the problem. 2. If the spark sound is clear and powerful, but it can't be ignited, then consider whether the gas path is unblocked. It is likely that the nozzle in the furnace head is blocked during use. Take off the distributor cover and use a fine iron wire to pass through the nozzle hole, and then put back the distributor cover to ignite again. 3. Check whether the valve of the valve body of the gas cooker is adjusted too large, which causes too much air flow from the fire hole and shocks the electric spark. The damper can be adjusted from left to right to try to see if the ignition is normal. 4. One furnace head is normal and the other is abnormal. The abnormal side is that there is no spark at all, which means that one of the high-voltage packs in the electronic pulse is burnt out. At this time, the only solution is to replace the pulse. If not, check whether it is the above 2 and 3 cases. 5. It is required to ignite several times continuously, and may not be able to ignite successfully. This situation is mostly caused by thermocouple aging after long-term use. At this time, the only solution is to replace the thermocouple sensor. 6. Ignition is sometimes normal and sometimes abnormal. This is mainly caused by poor contact of the pulse ignition microswitch. Adjust the pulse ignition microswitch to solve the problem.

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