Pyrotechnic ignition needle

This situation may be caused by flame separation due to excessive throttle adjustment. The flame feedback needle cannot sense the flame signal, causing the pulse igniter to still discharge. You can reduce the throttle to reduce the amount of air intake, which can solve the problem of flame separation and flameout. If the throttle is still small, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer's after-sales home inspection office. Introduction: It refers to kitchen appliances heated by direct fire with liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas, natural gas and other gaseous fuels. Its popularity is unknown, but it is difficult to see a common concept. Like firewood stove, kerosene stove, coal ball stove, etc. According to the gas source, gas stoves are mainly divided into liquefied gas stoves, gas stoves and natural gas stoves. According to the focus, it can be divided into single focus, double focus and multi focus. working principle: When the gas stove is working, the gas enters the stove from the inlet pipe, enters the stove through the adjustment of the gas valve (the user adjusts it through the knob), and mixes some air (this air is called primary air). These mixed gases are sprayed out of the fire hole of the flame divider and ignited by the ignition device to form a flame (the air required for combustion is called secondary air), These flames are used to heat the cooker on the pot stand.

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