Pyrotechnic ignition needle

Maintenance of flameout protection device of gas cooker: 1. Each furnace head has two needles. One is used for ignition, and the other is the safety device for flameout called thermocouple. When you light a fire, the fire can burn it. At this time, the thermocouple will conduct heat to a solenoid valve under the stove switch. The solenoid valve starts to work, the switch starts to ventilate, and the stove can work normally. If there is no response, the solenoid valve may be broken. Remove the panel, remove a white object connected by two wires at the place where the fire head is adjusted, and replace it with a new one. The problem of automatic flameout is solved. 2. Check whether the connection of the solenoid valve is loose, that is, there is a wire connected to the switch on the furnace head. 3. You can observe whether the furnace fire burns to the thermocouple after ignition. If not, check whether the fire outlet is blocked and pick it with a toothpick. 4. Lift up the gas stove to see if there is a blockage in the air outlet of the ignition place. Poke with a thin wire.

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pyrotechnic the is to fire of valve and solenoid if




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