Integrated ignition pin

If it is a liquefied gas stove. First, check whether there is gas in the nocturnal gas cylinder. If there is a small part of gas with low pressure, the fire will be small when cooking. Second, check whether there is a problem with the pressure reducing valve. If it is used at home, generally do not use a high-pressure valve, but use an ordinary pressure reducing valve. Third, check whether the nozzle of the cooker is blocked. Fourth, check whether the place where the fire occurs on the fire cover is blocked. If it is blocked, clear the place where the fire occurs on the fire cover. Generally speaking, these issues are concerned. Generally, there are two reasons for the small fire head of the gas stove. One is that the gas nozzle on the gas stove is blocked. The other is that the pressure limiting valve connecting the gas stove with the LPG cylinder is improperly adjusted, which makes the gas outlet smaller. However, the pipeline gas users have been properly adjusted by the gas company due to the unified gas supply pressure, which generally does not cause low air pressure in a single household. Therefore, if the gas stove has a small fire head, I have the ability to repair the machine, You can close the main gas valve by yourself, find the nozzle of the stove and poke the nozzle hole with a thin steel wire until the gas passes smoothly. If it is not the nozzle of the gas stove, it may be the pressure limiting valve of the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder. Generally, the pressure limiting valve is adjusted clockwise to increase the flame, and counterclockwise to reduce the flame, However, since the LPG pressure limiting valve is composed of rubber diaphragms that are easy to age and expand for a long time, it should not be adjusted as far as possible to avoid leakage and fire. Therefore, in this case, the pressure limiting valve should be sent to the LPG supply station for maintenance. For this problem, don't check anything else. Just take down the rotating fire cover (the round core inside is a straight fire) on the furnace head. There are bamboo toothpicks or small iron wires. The thick needle can remove oxidized iron filings or impurities from the exhaust hole. Because it is iron, it is easy to oxidize impurities and block the air hole. Take out all the iron filings and clean them thoroughly with a cloth.

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